About Us

Since 1995 Miller James have been working with a broad range of client’s businesses throughout the years, we've worked with major companies in every sector of the economy to great success answering all of their debt recovery, debt collection and credit management needs. 

Most organisations have their own varying internal procedures for credit management and management of the debtor’s ledger – we offer the support solution to complement your own in house resources.

Miller James will take the time to get to know your business style and business structure so that we may assist you without alienating your profitable customers and achieve a fair result for our Client and the customer. 

We ensure the fair treatment of our customers by working to the guidelines and regulations that we are bound by.

Is Debt Collection Right for Me?

“We all get a bit frustrated with debt recovery from time to time and sometimes it can just fall by the wayside while we bang our heads against the wall. That’s where we come in. With Miller James you’ll be getting involved with an agency committed to collecting any and all overdue accounts on your behalf using a strategy that will not damage your own brand. A lot of the time all the customer needs to hear is a different voice.”

Angela Miller MCICM Company Director

 Angela Miller